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Since 2013, The Book Cove has worked with numerous bloggers and book community members to keep content up-to-date and full of variety. We review books, post discussions on various topics, host book tours, promotions, giveaways, and more!

Genres: We review and discuss a variety of genres. Adult contemporary, paranormal, and fantasy tend to be the most reviewed.

Policy: All reviews are honest, and we do not accept money in exchange for reviews. Some copies of books are provided free of charge by authors and publishers in exchange for a review.

Reviews and Promotions: Unfortunately the amount of review requests we receive greatly is much greater than the number of books we can read. We can post promotional material without a review. This includes book releases, author interviews, promotional material, and blog tours.

Guest Posts: We are always interested in having outside contributors. We accept posts on all bookish topics (e.g., author insight, book talk, blog talk, writing techniques, opinion pieces, etc.).

Guest Reviewers: If you'd like to join our book review team, contact us and we can provide information on the current books that are available for review.



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