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Alex is a poetic young Londoner believing in true love, writing romantic letters and enjoying long late night philosophical discussions with friends on the meaning of life or the existence of God. Anna, the girl living in Lebanon whom he grew to be very fond of through a long-distance correspondence, appears to be something else. She embodies everything that he conjured up in a perfect woman, while she sometimes remains surprisingly cold and volatile in her e-mail responses. Is she truly the woman who he could love forever or is there more to her personality than just a sweet and gentle heart?

Discovering the truth about Anna leads Alex on the road to self-discovery shrouded by an intensely personal struggle and painful emotions that bring about the most joyful and darkest moments in Alex’s soul. This book serves as a rational voice to any reader trying to make sense of his or her own emotional circumstances.

A Beautiful Life is a tale told through the eyes of a young man who may not have all the answers to human existence, but learns valuable lessons on how to deal with the adversities of life in his pursuit of happiness. He, like you, still has much to offer the world no matter the struggle.

-Alex!!! What’s up?

-What’s up with you Anna?

-With me? Well... hey wait, why are you calling me at 7:00 am?

-I just saw your text, so I called... I couldn’t resist. I wanted to know what you needed.

-Ah okay… cool. I didn’t need anything… but since you called I will tell you a story.

-Tell me Anna...

-Okay. Well... I realized something. I was thinking… and I realized that I was destined to a life of pain.

-Why Anna?

-I discovered that love has only two consequences.

-What are they?

-It’s simple Alex. Love either dies or love kills you.

- Anna! Is this true?

-Yes Alex. It’s true.

-So what should I do? What will you do?

-Do you really want to know?

-Yes Anna. I do. Tell me.


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About the Author
Alexander Payne is a contributing author to BrAG – Blackridge Advisory Group Inc. Brag is a partnership of authors, consultants, lecturers, keynote speakers and much more. You can check it out at or connect to Alex on Goodreads.


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