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Which genre did you used to completely avoid reading that you now enjoy? Or vice versa?

I very recently got into a mystery kick. While I love mystery movies and TV, it wasn't something I thought much of reading. I was one of the few in my friends group growing up that didn't get into The Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew.  My reading moods usually pointed me in the fantasy or adventure direction. About a year ago I picked up Kendra Elliot's Hidden novel, part of Bone Secrets series, and fell in love with the author and all of her work. (Review of Hidden). I wouldn't call myself a mystery connoisseur, but it was a positive introduction to a genre I wasn't familiar with and has added more books to the TBR pile.

On the other end of the spectrum, I used read a lot of the new adult romance. This was for a couple of reasons; they were typically short, fun, fluffy, and easy to get carried away with for an afternoon. I've somewhat burnt myself out on those for a while. With the NA explosion in the indie scene I was reviewing handfulls at a time over a week or two and as much as I enjoyed it, it exhausted the genre.


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