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(Blurb): The planet Olympus. Through genetics, self-styled god Zeus has fashioned a race of men free from aging, illness, and death. However, he also created a race of slaves, called thralls, to serve his "perfect ones". Nearly dead from years of abuse, the thrall Griffin is contacted by an enigmatic being called Prometheus. On his urging, Griffin and his fellow thralls commandeer the space battleship Ithaca in a bid to find a new home. But escape is not as easy as it sounds, not when they must contend with the pursuing Olympian Armada, a possible traitor on their ship, and the mysterious Prometheus himself, who is not all he seems to be.

Book Information:

Publisher: SenSerial Publishing (Find the book here)
Version: eBook
Type: Episodic series

Guest Review: by Joy Hancock

This was a wonderful science fiction novel. As a huge science fiction fan myself I got into this book right
away. At first I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to read about spaceships and space battles, but to my
delight, it was easy to understand and make for some exciting reading!

This book reminded me a lot of my favorite show, Battlestar Galatica. This story has its own unique
take on space though, and adds the Greek gods to the mix!

Since I read this on my Kindle I was able to highlight the names of the various characters and see what their names meant and what role they played in Greek history. I loved this aspect of the story because each character, while they might not have looked like their Greek counterpart, embodied their namesake well.

The technology talked about in this book is right up there with any other awesome science fiction novel.

I was able to understand what was going on with the technology and it was awesome how it was all

I feel this book as everything needed for a great science fiction novel. If you love anything with space, Al
(artificial intelligence), or just plain awesomeness in space then you will thoroughly enjoy this book!!

About the reviewer: Joy Hancock

Joy Hancock does book reviews on her blog Aspiring Joy ( as well as contributes on the Blogging for Bloggers Blog ( and The Peasants Revolt Blog ( She is a newlywed who is going to school full time pursuing her degree in English as well as working. A lover words, she is also working on writing a science fiction novel which she hopes to be published in the next few years. 


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