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Alison over at The Book Wheel and Jennifer at The Relentless Reader have touched on an issue that I'm sure everyone is familiar with; Captcha. (Find the original articles here and here )

Captcha is part of the Devil's work that can be driving many potential readers of your blog away. How many times have you wrote out a thought out comment only to be blindsided by ridiculous squiggly writing, hazy illegible numbers, overlapping numbers and letters, illegible "I" vs. "L", vs "K" etc. ? I'd say that 90% of the time when I come across a captcha I end up clicking close and moving on to the next site. Many times I won't even follow the blog!

I don't have all day to try to decipher numbers and letters - and if I did, I sure wouldn't want to anyways! It's a headache and bloggers really should consider the alternate methods listed on the post linked above. You can still filter comments by turning moderation on, at least. I haven't had a problem with spam yet, but I'm also fairly new. I've also employed the "no anonymous user" feature here, which seems to deter unwarranted comments.

So there you have it. We're rebelling against Captcha. If you are too, join the challenge!


  1. readingthealphabet said...
    I'm also anti-Captcha, but I will go through the trouble of typing in the nearly illegible numbers and letters if I truly like a post. I used to do it no matter what, but I was getting way too many during blog hops that I had to stop.

    -Maria @ Reading the Alphabet
    Vilia said...
    I loathe captcha's numbers in particular. Sometimes the picture is so blurry and positioned at the top or bottom of the screen that you have to guess. I'll still brave it for the sites I really care about but otherwise I won't bother commenting.
    Book Cove said...
    I will say that I have a couple of blogs that I always comment on and they do have captcha. It really depends on my mood too haha. But for the most part, if I've hit 5 blogs in a row with it on (like in a blog hop) I then just starts skipping the rest.
    ablightedone said...
    Captchas are so frustrating! I will usually try the captcha once but if I don't get it right the first time I just close out. I hope people listen to this!

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